Who We Are 

The Continuous Love Foundation, founded in 2017 is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping raise awareness of mental health conditions and providing resources for those in need who may not have immediate access to care. Through advocacy and education, we believe we can encourage others to lose the stigmas surrounded by mental conditions and mental health. Our goal is to get others to see past the conditions and see the individual. 

We believe love is the foundation of healing, and that Love Changes Everything.

Our Mission
Our mission is to improve the quality of life with those dealing with mental health challenges in underserved communities.  The organization is determined to provide mental health education and resources in communities where mental health services may not be readily available or accessible through peer help and support. We believe in the power of peer healing and guidance. The organization’s actions are driven by principles of integrity, respect, and love.

The CLF Difference

The Continuous Love Foundations seeks to ensure:

  • Fair and comprehensive health care are provided to those who require it.

  • Maximize the choice options that are available to individuals. 

  • Securing access to services and treatments. 

  • Promote a safe and healing environment for individuals.